Episode 84: The Big Deal with Mormonleaks

So I swear this was fresh and exciting news when we recorded it. Recently a group called Mormonleaks released some information regarding how apostles stay informed as well as stipends given to general authorities. Some people had a really hard time with this. Some didn’t even bat an eye. JP & I discuss our thoughts on the kerfuffle.

Episode 83: LDS Flavored Cinema

So this was recorded just after the election. That’s how slow I am in putting these up. I’d promise to be better, but we’d both know that’s a lie. I’ll try anyway…

We’ve talked a bit before about Mormon/ LDS produced and themed media, but at the time we recorded this, I was going through a major watch anything LDSsy that exists no matter how silly phase.

Episode 82: The Most Goal-Setting Time of the Year

We can’t p ourselves. We set goals near the end of every year. JP & I discuss our methods for setting goals, and whether it’s even a good idea to set them.

From the Sealed Portion:

This is the most recent one we’ve recorded, but there are a couple of others still waiting for me to prep them.

Episode 81: Do We Need A Bigger Tent?

What exactly do people mean when they say a group need a bigger tent? How do we solve the problem of people feeling alienated?

From the sealed portion:

Flavors of Persecution

This is our 80th Episode. And with this we’re now officially starting our new release schedule. We’re going to post episodes on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Of course, this being the first of the new schedule, it had to be a day late.

In this episode, we discuss the types of persecution that Christians now face (hint: not lions) and speculate on what might be coming. Remind me to put a link to the conference talk here.

And whoops, I forgot to edit in some music.

Also we are introducing the new segment of our show, which I’m calling the “Sealed Portion.” It is sealed, because there is no discussion. It is a short list of items of interest to JP or me, whichever did not choose that week’s topic.

So here’s what’s in the first sealed portion.

  • Gill Fullbright – the honest politician
  • David J. West – Excellent Author
  • Hamilton – I was apparently the last person on earth to discover this, so you probably don’t need a link.