A Peculiar Podcast

After my spectacular fail in sound mixing last time, I realized far too late that I had things not set up well in the recording of this episode. Either I forgot to turn on my microphone or I was standing in a deep hole. Sigh. Please forgive me.

This time we talk about being a peculiar people. Does that just mean Mormons are weird? Should we try to be different?

Where are the TBMs online?

Welcome to the new year, friends!

In case you’ve never heard the term, “TBM” stands for True Believing Mormon or True Blue Mormon. It describes people who believe the core messages of the LDS church – God lives, Christ is His son and the Savior of the world, Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, etc.

Here are a few sources we know about.


  • Mormon Misfit
  • The Cultural Hall – I sounded hesitant about this during the recording, but since then I listened to a bunch more episodes. I think it’s great.


Other places

  • Latter Day Saints subreddit – careful, true believers, much of reddit is a haven of filth and degradation, but the Latter-Day Saint group there is pretty solid.

Where did we miss?

Mike Rowe vs The New York Times

This one has just a bit of silliness mixed into more discussion about what it means to be a man in the modern world. You see, The New York Times published an article talking about things a modern man does/should do. Mike Rowe published an article telling his take on those things. And now we are doing a podcast about our ideas on the things Mike Rowe and The New York Times said.

The original NYT article – 27 Ways to be a Modern Man

Mike Rowe’s Response – via Facebook, but it’s everywhere.