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Hi, Bryce here. There’s been a lot going on recently that we haven’t had time to talk about on the podcast. I’m going to occasionally post a bunch of them.

The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has been running an interesting series called “Shepard your Children.” Part 3 just wen up, and the part about not provoking your children to anger got me thinking.

Also on the CBMW site was a great essay called “Will the Real, Masculine Jesus Please Stand Up?

Brett & Kate McKay over at the Art of Manliness posted some amusing parenting advice telling you how to parent like a video game. The premise is silly, but there’s good stuff in there, like setting clear rules and making every moment count.

Maximizing Marriage reminded me to be persistent. For me, persistence is the one character trait that trumps all the others. No great task can be accomplished without it.

Counter Cultured USA posted and interesting editorial on rape culture and self-defense. I’ve read (in other places) attacks on teaching self-defense to women, and they have always boggled my mind. The contention is that men are the problem, and they need to not be rapists. All effort should be put into teaching/training these rapists. Teaching self defense is then somehow tacit approval of rape? I don’t think so. True, teaching self defense doesn’t fix the problem, but if it can save my daughter from a horrible experience, then I’m all for it. After all, I can’t preach to every guy she’s ever going to meet.

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