Kids in Church

Okay, so this is probably my (Bryce) favorite episode ever. We talk about bringing kids to church. I toss the holier-than-thou attitude I usually bring to the podcast so that I can complain. As an added bonus, I tell the story about when I was in the bishopric, and my daughter ran up on the stand and flipped me off.

Also, JP and I would like the world to know that neither of us hate our respective ward. Quite the opposite. But we understand that our great ward love might not exactly shine through in this conversation.

Sorry for the long delay! I was moving offices over the past couple of weeks and I excuses excuses excuses pleaseforgiveme.

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  1. I would like to mention one point to this. It was talked about how if you see someone struggling with there children then help them. The only other part of that is many people do not like other people taking their children from them. I know my wife gets frustrated when some well meaning people used to come take our infant from her to hold them. I think that my only addition is that if its someone that we are close to then help them. If you are in a bishopric I think the whole ward feels like they are close to you, so yes in that instance people will come and help. Great topic.


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