So, should you shelter your kids?

The Sons of Adam podcast is back. I (Bryce) have been long remiss in posting this episode. It got recorded over a month ago while I was taking my family to see the redwoods. It is therefore the first episode that has no “me” in it at all. Taking my place is David. Yes, the same David who was our very first guest. So, welcome back, David!

Anyway, I wish I had been in on this recording, as I have rather strong opinions about it. I think they still did a fine job without me, though.

This episode we’re talking about sheltering your kids. Some people say if you shelter your kids, you are stunting their emotional and mental growth, and someday they are going to crash. Others say that if you don’t shelter your kids, then you are failing as a parent. Often the two groups talk past each other.

As an experiment, I actually listened to the whole podcast before posting it (gasp!) and made real notes. Should I bother to do this with future episodes?


  • The Dangers of Sheltering – the article that started the conversation
  • Is sheltering always negative?
  • What it means to shelter your kids (5:00)
  • The World’s Strictest Parents (8:01)
  • Sheltering from exposure vs sheltering from topics (12:30)
  • When to introduce certain topics (13:40)
  • Boys and visual stimulation vs discussion (15:35)
  • Sheltering doesn’t save children (19:51)
  • Why to still shelter anyway (22:30)
  • David Mentions our podcast on Media Standards (22:55)
  • Should a parent keep same media standards he imposes on the kids? (24:05)
  • The domineering man (28:50)
  • Wrapup (32:00)

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