Judgment and Judging

First, a correction. Right up at the beginning of this episode, I say that it is going to be episode 57. I was way off. It is really episode 59. Sorry to lead you astray like that.

Is it okay to judge? What would it mean to exercise righteous judgment? Is standing up for your beliefs the same thing a judging? I have pretty strong opinions about my answers to these questions.


  • Some recent “Judging” controversies (1:52)
  • The internet is a machine built to generate outrage (2:55)
  • Elder Oaks “Judge Not and Judging” Final judgments vs intermediate judgments (3:57)
  • “If we can’t judge, we can’t navigate life.” – JP (7:21)
  • What is tolerance? (8:05)
  • Judging people, judging actions (10:15)
  • xkcd “Duty Calls” (17:20) I quoted it incorrectly, but you get the idea.
  • Our podcast “Role of Debate” (18:07)
  • Our podcast “Advice on Advice” (18:07)
  • The line between sticking up for beliefs and starting fights (21:48)
  • H. Burke Peterson Quote from “Removing the Poison of an Unforgiving Spirit.” (23:28) “If you are prone to criticize or judge, remember, we never see the target a man aims at in life. We see only what he hits.”
  • Conclusion (24:28)


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