The Sabbath Day, Part 1

Ok, so I failed miserably to get this out on time. It’s been edited and ready to go for like three weeks now. And you’ll hear at the beginning of the podcast how we gloat about having episodes up every week. Sigh. Just pretend we didn’t say that part.

My brother Bart joins us again for a discussion about keeping the Sabbath. We talk about attitudes, purposes, blessings. Despite the fact that I say near the beginning that I don’t want to discuss exact Sabbath dos and don’ts, we totally do just that by the end.

This was a long podcast, so we decided to split it into two roughly equal episodes. Is that a good idea? Or would you rather just have the full 45 minutes in one go? I ask because we have one more episode recorded of similar length.

I’ll get back to making detailed show notes probably next time, but if you’re interested in some of the stuff I looked at/listened to before this podcast, here you go:

If you have any thoughts on keeping the Sabbath, leave a thought below, or reach out to us at any of the regular places.

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