Christian Response

This was recorded a while back, several weeks before the recent attacks on Paris.

There are always crises in the world, big and small. The world has also become very connected and everybody is now our neighbor. What, then, is our responsibility to act regarding these events?


  • JP introduces many recent worldwide¬†crises and asks, “What is our responsibility as Christian men? What should our response be?” (1:25)
  • JP suggests one appropriate response – fast offerings. (6:20) (See President Eyring’s talk “Is Not This the Fast We Have Chosen?” from the April 2015 General Conference)
  • Bryce can’t remember the name of Operation Smile (10:00)
  • Help where and how you most feel impressed to help. (11:00)
  • Bryce mentions Share
  • Are political responses charitable? (13:25)
  • Know your Personal Mission Statement (17:10)
  • Charitable giving of money (17:45)
  • Wrap-Up (21:35)

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