Episode 83: LDS Flavored Cinema

So this was recorded just after the election. That’s how slow I am in putting these up. I’d promise to be better, but we’d both know that’s a lie. I’ll try anyway…

We’ve talked a bit before about Mormon/ LDS produced and themed media, but at the time we recorded this, I was going through a major watch anything LDSsy that exists no matter how silly phase.

Media Standards

JP & B have the age old “What movies are appropriate?” debate.¬†We talk about whether or not having media restrictions makes for socially weird kids. And we may have tossed in a little discussion about books, tv shows and music, too. And more than just kids, we talk about the standards we should keep for ourselves.


The Movies

The media you take in affects you, and good, uplifting media isn’t going to be made unless you support it.

The article JP mentioned: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865597897/Our-love-hate-relationship-with-movies.html


And here’s Bryce’s sorta-kinda re-creation of the chart JP mentioned.